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Getting Ready for Anvil Coffee House

By: Stephanie Kapteyn


I am happy my art will was in Anvil Coffee House in the month of February! I was able to put  together a special selection of of my favorite pieces. 

Anvil Coffee House is a brand new Coffee shop located in the Ottewell Plaza. They offer multiple beverages along with baked goods, soup and sandwiches. If you want a little liqueur in your coffee they are licensed to serve alcohol as well! They are constantly doing fun classes and events every week! 

I think supporting local businesses is very important. So support your local coffee shop and enjoy the atmosphere and delicious treats with a warm cup of coffee. 

To have an opportunity to showcase my art here was such a big deal for me. I love the social setting at Anvil, they make the best London Fog I have ever had and they are constantly coming up with awesome events! Having my art showcased in Anvil Coffee House suited every part of what I love about art and atmosphere! The team at Anvil Coffee house was so welcoming to me. I love seeing how jam packed they always are! Make sure to check out this local gem! 


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