I never knew I would become an Artist. At the time, it seemed like something I had to explain to people: "Don't worry, I will also have a dependable job," giving myself an out.


A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with Cancer. She told me the night after an art show. To be honest, art was no longer on my mind. It took me almost a year to paint again. When I did, let's just say it did not go my way. An artist's expression is their heart on a canvas. So the dark side of my art made me realize that my heart was broken, along with my life. Meanwhile, mom was fighting for her own. During this time you start playing back the memories you had, then you think to yourself:

"Is this the end?"

Watching the strongest woman in my life whittle away, loose all of her muscles, her hair, her hearing, her taste...her quality of life dwindling. You wonder,


"Why" is not mine to understand. If we understood life what would be the point of living? You know what I understand? ...that I have a God who does not sit by and watch my mom fade away. He does not want to take her away to heaven for Himself. He does not do this to test us. Sin is what does this. This is my Testimony. 


My story is much longer than this and so is my mom's. She is clear of Cancer.

I realized that even if my mom was not cured, God had given me a gift. I would paint for Him. My art would be a window of expression. When I paint a picture I ask God to direct my brush.

I paint because I know how delicate this life is. I paint because I have been given a gift from God. I paint because I want YOU to know there is more to life than pain. Don't give up. There is always hope.






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